Who have I become?
In nature all we have to be is authentic, after living behind many masks and following others I came to a point in my live where I had no idea who I was anymore. I lived in a land that didn’t feel like home, and when I was 28 I took a big leap of faith and moved 2000km away to follow that feeling, that bliss, that need to reconnect to myself and nature.

Because and through nature I learned the things that where really important to me that all I wanted, and all I needed could be found there, in nature. The magic you bring to this life comes from being yourself, every aspect of it. These elements formed A Herbal Shaman, an environment where I encourage everyone to come closer to their own nature. With the help of the energies of Mother Nature I strongly believe in the fact that if we would reconnect humans to nature, we also safe Mother Earth from our abuse. When we become connected, is when we start seeing the bigger picture.