Lee is the Founder and CEO of the Groombridge Group a modern day holding company for mission aligned ventures. That mission being, to ensure leaders of today and tomorrow, those with the most responsibility and greatest impact on others, operate from a place of stability even in uncertain times.

In 2019, after a successful decade in business, Lee found himself at his lowest point mentally. He had co-founded a boot-strapped start-up, scaled it and taken on investor to enable the business grow. Life should have been great and yet something was not right! Knowing staying was not going to fix the situation, Lee eventually resigned from the company he had built over that 10 years. Being known as a person that always has a plan… this time there was no plan!

Knowing he could not be the only business owner that experiences this, Lee took a year out to research and focus on exactly why even though surrounded by great family and friends, and not being alone, he still some how felt lonely and isolated.

During this hiatus Lee became a certified NLP Practitioner & Humanistic Neuro Linguistic Psychology Coach. This now enables him to combine all his business experience with professional personal coaching and bring a truly unique perspective to helping the people that run businesses.

Lee also wrote a book in this year called Get Resilience: Let’s do it! 7 steps to a cool, calm, collected you. It shares practical lessons on how to achieve a resilient mindset. The book covers topics from Stoicism and NLP as well as some personal stories to keep you entertained.  

The book is available to buy Amazon now (https://amzn.to/3dkIaoy). Lee has offered the listeners and members of Love, Light and Laughter a free digital copy of this book if they visit www.leegroombridgefreebook.com/samdyer.

Lee Groombridge