Dave is a former RAF fighter pilot, flying the Harrier, he served all over the world on land and at sea operating from Royal Navy aircraft carriers, carried out multiple combat tours and an exchange tour to Canada to fly the F18 with the Canadian Armed Forces.

His fighter flying career ended when he ejected, suffering a broken back, fractured eye socket, smashed ankle and hip but is recovering well with the help of his fabulous wife and 2 lads age 13 and 11. Being a keen sportsman helped enormously and Dave likes to keep himself busy with sea swimming, cycling and running alongside scuba diving and skiing when possible.
Dave is now the CEO of Ashley Property Group (APG), who are a fast growing property company which provide clients with fantastic returns through property, providing a completely hands off experience so our clients can grow successful property portfolios, while getting on with their busy lives. They are a global company with clients from North America to Dubai, South Africa to Japan and closer to home in the UK and Europe, have multiple projects ongoing from portfolio building for clients, commercial to residential conversions and new build projects around the country.

Dave Ashley
Dave Ashley & family